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Medium Sweet. Naturally cask aged Boal. Delightful on its own, but partners very well with semi-sweet dishes (such as poached figs, ginger cake), and can be very successful with a cheeseboard.
Sweet. 100% cask aged Malvasia (Malmsey), with great balancing acidity. If serving as a dessert wine, partners very well with dishes which contain caramel, dried fruits, toffee and other similar flavours.
Medium Dry. Recreating the classic style of Rainwater, with light colour and medium dry in character. An invigorating aperitif, but also wonderful with French Onion Soup, Welsh Rarebit, cheeseboards and mushroom dishes.
Lustau East India Solera
In centuries gone by, casks with sherry were lashed to ships sailing for the Indies as ballast and were found to develop an extraordinary smoothness and complexity. Lustau has revived this style of sherry in the East India wine.
Lustau Manzanilla Papirusa
Scoring 92 points on the Parker scale, the highest score ever awarded to a Manzanilla! Light and fresh, very tangy and clean with a hint of saltiness.
Lustau Oloroso Don Nuno
Golden-hued dry Oloroso aged to perfection in American oak. Beautiful intense flavours of toasted walnuts and chesnuts with underlying dark chocolate tones.
Lustau Oloroso Pata de Gallina
From a solera containing just 38 barrels, Juan Garcia Jarana has produced an outstanding Oloroso. Rich and full of dried fruit, toasted nuts and sweet spice.
Lustau Pedro Ximenez San Emilio
Rich, sweet and velvety in the mouth with intense flavours of dates and figs. Pedro Ximenez at its opulent best!
This wine ages 4-6 years in large old oak vats; LBV fills the gap between the rubies and the vintage ports as a Ruby should be drunk quite young and a Vintage Port may need 15 to 20 years to show well.
A classic rich Ruby, with assertive bright primary fruit dominated by red cherries and plums, with great freshness from ageing in large wooden vats in the cool cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia.
A young but authentic tawny, with freshness and primary fruit, but with developed pipe-aged character too. Trodden and fermented in granite lagares, this is then aged in port pipes to accelerate oxidative development.
With far less residual sugar than for normal ports (about a third, at under 50 g/L), it can be enjoyed chilled as an aperitif, or perhaps as a tall drink mixed with tonic or soda. It'll also freshen-up mature nutty cheeses.
Pineau Drouineau Blanc
Smooth and rounded Aperitif from South West France. Aromas and flavours of dried fruit, cognac, honey and spices make this a real treat!
Flavours of dried fruits, almonds and hazelnut are followed by subtle, complex and ethereal wood and spice qualities. Culminates in a sweet, fortified finish. Just delicious!
Ramos Pinto Adriano White Reserva Port
Aromatic and complex, this white Port is brimming with tropical, exotic and spicy notes. One of the best white Ports to come out of the Douro!
Ramos Pinto LBV port
Smoother than alot of Vintage port, more developed and easier to drink. It is a powerful, defiant, full-bodied and harmonious wine.
Ramos Pinto Quinta Da Bom Retiro Tawny 20yo
An absolute stunner and everything a matured port should be. The depth of flavour and aroma and the mellow complexity of the wine is something to behold. No wonder Decanter scored it 98pts!
Rich and sweet yes, but like all great Tawny; the sugar is tempered by 20 years of ageing and an underlying savoury chewiness. Surprisingly, and enjoyably, easy to drink!
Ramos Pinto Quinta Da Ervamoira Tawny 10yo
Ramos Pinto have got themselves here a Port which is both mellow and complex, with loads of bright sweet fruit and layers of woody complexity and structure. Delightful!
Ramos Pinto Ruby Collector
A ruby style Port with real character. Deep, dark and intense with plum, raspberry and cherry fruits, a touch of spice and balanced sweetness.