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Medium Sweet. Naturally cask aged Boal. Delightful on its own, but partners very well with semi-sweet dishes (such as poached figs, ginger cake), and can be very successful with a cheeseboard.
Sweet. 100% cask aged Malvasia (Malmsey), with great balancing acidity. If serving as a dessert wine, partners very well with dishes which contain caramel, dried fruits, toffee and other similar flavours.
Fonseca 10yo Tawny Port
An exceptionally fine old tawny blend, aged for an average of 10 years in oak casks. Elegant and smooth, combining delicate wood notes and rich mellow fruit. Very good value tawny from the excellent house of Fonseca. (50cl)
Lustau East India Solera
In centuries gone by, casks with sherry were lashed to ships sailing for the Indies as ballast and were found to develop an extraordinary smoothness and complexity. Lustau has revived this style of sherry in the East India wine.
Lustau Oloroso Don Nuno
Golden-hued dry Oloroso aged to perfection in American oak. Beautiful intense flavours of toasted walnuts and chesnuts with underlying dark chocolate tones.
Osborne 10RF Medium Oloroso
A dark, shiny mahogany appearance. In the nose, sharp, intense and elegant with aromas of raisins, roasted coffee, nuts and vanilla. In the mouth, semi-dry, with body and sweet notes of Pedro Ximénez.
Osborne Bailen Dry Oloroso
A dark, shiny mahogany appearance. Very aromatic, complex and persistent in the nose, with aromas of vanilla, hazelnut and old oak. In the mouth, dry, robust, notes of walnut, coffee, vanilla and wood.
Osborne Coquinero 'Fino' Amontillado 6yo
A pale gold color, very clean and bright. In the nose, sharp, fresh and complex. Delicate aromas of green apple and notes of hazelnut. Very elegant. Dry, refreshing and smooth in the mouth. Good structure with a prolonged, slightly bitter hazelnut finish.
Osborne Fino
Amazingly brilliant showing a pale yellow color. Clean and sharp, displays fresh green apple aromas mingled with enticing almond notes. Very nice salty nuances that evokes the sea. Sheer class with a dry palate.
Osborne Fino Quinta
A pale yellow color with bright, luminous greenish glints. In the nose, a fresh almond-like aroma, gentle and saline. In the mouth, dry and crisp with balanced acidity.
Osborne Fino Quinta 375ml
A pale yellow color with bright, luminous greenish glints. In the nose, a fresh almond-like aroma, gentle and saline. In the mouth, dry and crisp with balanced acidity.
Osborne Manzanilla
Clean and brilliant, displays a beautiful straw color. Crisp and very fresh green apple and grass aromas interwoven with almond notes and a subtle salty finish that evokes the sea. Dry, very delicate and elegant finish.
Osborne Pedro Ximinez 1827
A dark mahogany color, very dense (good legs). In the nose, deep aromas of passerillage (drying of the grapes on the vine), very aromatic and perfumed. In the mouth, very sweet, aromatic, flavorsome and deep.
Osborne Santa Maria Cream
A dark, mahogany appearance, dense and bright. In the nose, persistent, with aromas of walnuts, raisins, figs and an elegant hint of wood. In the mouth, sweet, round, aromatic and velvety on the palate. Notes of raisins, dates and dried apricots.
Pineau Drouineau Blanc
Smooth and rounded Aperitif from South West France. Aromas and flavours of dried fruit, cognac, honey and spices make this a real treat!
A fine example from the exceptional 2007 vintage. Aromatic complexity with massive concentration of black fruit on the nose and palate. Hints of mint lift a bold and brooding profile full of maturing, ripe tannins and superb acidity. This is a keeper!
Flavours of dried fruits, almonds and hazelnut are followed by subtle, complex and ethereal wood and spice qualities. Culminates in a sweet, fortified finish. Just delicious!
Ramos Pinto LBV port
Smoother than alot of Vintage port, more developed and easier to drink. It is a powerful, defiant, full-bodied and harmonious wine.
Rich and sweet yes, but like all great Tawny; the sugar is tempered by 20 years of ageing and an underlying savoury chewiness. Surprisingly, and enjoyably, easy to drink!
Ramos Pinto Quinta Da Ervamoira Tawny 10yo
Ramos Pinto have got themselves here a Port which is both mellow and complex, with loads of bright sweet fruit and layers of woody complexity and structure. Delightful!
A classic ruby port, matured in large 'tonels' to preserve the soft and mellow fruity nature of this wine.
An easy drinking, youthful tawny. Lovely smooth texture with raisined fruit and hints of orange peel.