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Berto Aperitivo
This elegant liqueur is made by infusing the distilled spirit with botanicals of fresh orange peel, gentian root and rhubarb. Perfect for a Prosecco cocktail!
Berto Bitter
Production of the 'Berto' Bitter began back in the early 1900's and has been reborn for the modern market to satisfy the world of cocktails and mixology with a product of the highest quality and artisanal authenticity.
Berto Vermouth Blanco
Produced to a classic recipe, the Berto Vermouth Blanco is elegant, soft and full-bodied with aromas and flavours of dried fruits, spice and touches of florality.
Berto Vermouth Rosso
This Vermouth Rosso is a delicious harmony between prestigious Piedmont wines, aromatic herbs, exotic spices and an irresistible sweetness. All the ingredients along with a neutral grape spirit, are aged slowly in stainless steel tanks and come together to make a classic red vermouth.
A VERY tasty treat combining new-make single malt spirit with fresh Irish cream; a wonderfully rich and luscious liqueur. Best consumed over ice, chilled or in coffee.
Kings Ginger
Created in 1903 to warm King Edward VII up during his morning rides. Although as warming and heartening on a cold day as originally intended, Kings Ginger is a splendidly uplifting tonic to be appreciated on its own all year round. Smooth ginger flavour balanced by a clean, dry finish.
Tosolini Amaretto
True Venetian Amaretto made in the traditional way, from the distillation of crushed almonds. And you can definitely tell, the resulting liqueur is full-bodied and packed full of almond, marzipan and candied fruits and nuts.
Tosolini Expre Coffee
From the very highly-regarded Italian master distillers Tosolini comes this rather fabulous espresso coffee liqueur, made with traditionally-toasted Arabica coffee beans. This is superb stuff.